Getting a Second Job is Helping Me to Get Caught Up

It used to tire me out to deal with so many bills that I couldn’t afford to keep up with. Becoming a part time cleaner in Singapore in order to make extra money helped me to gain some control back. It’s not like I spend a lot. I lead a life that is pretty simple in nature, but even trying to live simply was too much for me to keep up with just one job. My plan is to stick with two jobs for as long as I can because being in control feels a lot nicer than repeatedly worrying about whether I will have trouble paying for my health insurance or my electric bill every month.

Over time, I cut out a lot of unnecessary expenses so that I could try to save money. Since my main job doesn’t pay me well enough for me to live on comfortably, I thought that cutting back would be a good way to use the money that I was saving for catching up on bills. For most people, doing that can work really well, but I didn’t have a lot of things that I could cut back on. While it helped me some, it still wasn’t enough. When I learned that it wasn’t enough, I became frustrated that I didn’t have much of anything else to cut back on.

A few months ago, I was worried that I couldnt come up with my rent payment so that I wouldn’t get stuck with the $75 late fee that my manager tacks on for tardy tenants, I realized that the only thing left to cut back on was food. I spent time looking for the most inexpensive products on the grocery store shelves. I began buying a lot of generic products. That saved me a bit more, but it still wasn’t enough. That was when I began look for a part time job and was hired on at a cleaning company where my manager makes me feel valued and keeps me motivated to do well with my second job.

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