Emergency Solutions for Businesses That Have AC Systems Fail in the Summer

One thing that is nice in the middle of summer is going into your local convenience store and getting a cold drink and feeling that pleasant blast of cold air when you go inside. We have always kept it really cool inside on the hot days to invite customers to come in. They automatically associate relief from the heat when they stop here on the hottest days. In the middle of a heat wave in June, of all months, we had to have a commercial company that does HVAC in NYC come out to get the AC system up and running again.

Our AC system is up on the roof of our building. We almost had to shut down until the AC was repaired. The refrigerators and ice machines were still working, but it was really hot inside the building. We called a company to rent a large portable AC system that was brought in on a truck. They opened a non-public access door and ran a flexible pipe from a trailer-mounted air conditioner. They are used to cool places in emergencies or at places that do not have AC and want to have an event on a hot day. They say they have been getting more calls to go to schools that have gymnasiums that are not cooled. One unit can cool down a big gym. This one was big enough to keep our store cool while the AC system on the roof was repaired.

It was actually an employee who told me about the systems that could be rented. They deliver them on a truck and set them up. It costs a decent amount to keep them fueled up around the clock, but it beats having to shut down while the air conditioner was being fixed. We had one compressor fail and then something broke on the other unit on the roof. It was a brand that has hard to get parts for. We were waiting for parts to be sent overnight. The employee is a volunteer firefighter and trained in disaster relief. He says that these portable systems are part of their contingency plan to keep evacuees cool if they shelter at a local school gym that is without power or AC in the summer.

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