E-Sports Needs More Personality to Succeed

Some of the earliest e-sports in the United States became popular and were founded because of Madden NFL games. Without Madden we might have never been able to establish e-sports on the level that we have finally be able to achieve and it's thanks to Madden 16 connected franchise that gamers are finally able to achieve the notoriety and sponsorships that they deserve. I remember my parents thinking that I was out of my mind for wanting to become a professional gamer; something back then that was most likely unachievable. Now? It doesn't seem like such a far fetched idea but how does one become a professional gamer in a society that hasn't completely embraced the idea of gamers being sports-like figures in culture? America might be behind the times when compared to the likes of South Korea whose E-sports matches can fill entire stadiums and have even built stadiums for hosting the matches themselves. We're not there yet but we're close. So close.

It's going to take another generation or two of gamers growing up and establishing themselves within the community in order to do so. It's going to take the likes of Twitch and Youtube to continue promoting gamers in their very special way for us to achieve that. For now the most popular gaming commentaters and players are generally only viewed via live streams with live, ticketed matches being a much more rare thing. At least here, that is. Hopefully games likes HoTS and League of Legends will continue being able to push the envelope on what it means to play games competitively so we'll finally achieve something akin to what South Korea has for their gamers. It's going to take a lot more work and a lot more success with personalities who can capture the attention of the sport for it to become a reality.

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Thinking About the Practicality of a Web Site

I have been thinking about how practical it would be for me to start up my own web page to earn money on the side. Obviously the theory works like this. You start up a web page, people buy stuff and you make a whole lot of money without doing too much to earn. In fact there are going to be a lot of other things in the way, you are not going to get to that point so easily. I was trying to figure out if this guy Alex Shelton is going to be much of a help to me. He has something called MOBE or my online business education and this is the sort of thing that he claims that he can teach you. Of course the big thing you need to know is how to get a good marketing plan together. The web page is merely a tool and it has a purpose, which is to show people what you want them to buy. Unless you can get people to the site so that they can have a look at the merchandise, then the web page is not going to serve it's purpose. That is a key concept. You simply can not make money on the web unless you can let the buying public know where to find you. In fact the stuff that you are going to sell is important too. You have to think about competition. You are going to have real problems if you sell the exact same stuff that hundreds of established sites already sell. It takes a lot of capital to sell a wide range of expensive goods too. However you have to be able to figure out the shipping and how to do that. It is probably better to get a fulfillment service to handle that part of it.

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