A Small Taste of Being the Parent of an Equestrian

As the mother of a horse-loving young girl, I am constantly on the look-out for equestrian competition clothing that suits my daughter’s unique personality and taste. My daughter has been in the sport for many years and while the investment has been great, her enjoyment of the sport as well as everything she has learned in the process of caring for her horse, has been invaluable.

While we look for unique pieces in fun colors, there are staples needed for every competition she enters and I learned quickly that quality matters for longevity. We are able to mix up several of those staple pieces such as her competition jackets, waistcoats, show shirts, jodhpurs and gloves to give her a unique look for each event. Meeting and becoming friends with others in the sport has helped as well as we tend to gift clothing that our children outgrow to one another.

My daughter has several other interests, excels in school and enjoys art endeavors as well, but nothing has captured her interest or occupies more of her time than practicing for events with her horse. She works very hard to maintain the grades we require for her to continue her participation and keep up with her household responsibilities as a member of our family. Thankfully, my husband and I are able to afford stable fees, feed and a trailer for transport, but our daughter also works at the stable after school to help lessen the cost as do many of her equestrian friends. The stable owner has been very kind in allowing the kids to feed and groom the horses and clean stalls, jobs he certainly could accomplish far more quickly and efficiently, but he understands the responsibility it instills and it helps the girls learn at least some of the costs involved in keeping their horses and participating in equestrian events.

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