I Was Tired of Bugs in My Yard

I learned the hard way that insects don’t respect the time and effort put into a nice lawn. I knew that my landscaping would attract insects, just as any other yard would do too. I had no idea that the kind of trees and shrubs that I had would do that though. I knew that I was out of my league in taking care of what I had done, so I decided to contact a lawn care company to help me not only with what I had done already but to help me with the rest of the unfinished yard too.

I did not want to keep putting in the same shrubs and bushes that I wanted to if I was just going to be fighting a losing battle. Continue reading “I Was Tired of Bugs in My Yard”

Socks That Really Hold Up to the Wear and Tear

The best basketball socks I’ve ever bought happened because I took the time to do my online research before spending any money. I should say that I am someone who does not have a lot of success when it comes to buying socks. I’ve been buying them for years and it used to be easy, but something changed over the last bunch of years that I find quite disconcerting. It’s the quality, actually the lack of quality I’ve been finding with socks. Even the good old brands seem to be putting out products that literally fall apart in just a few months.

When I had to buy some basketball socks for my daughter, who plays on her high school basketball team, I spent a lot of time online reading up on the best brands. Some of the brands I discounted right off because I already purchased them in the past and they were awful. Other brands I had never heard of before. I actually took notes! It’s important because when you’re involved something as active as a sport, you need good socks. Socks that don’t hold up to the grinding of your shoes will quickly leave you with blisters or worse.

What led me to the best socks was a site I found online that compared a bunch of them and listed all the pros and cons associated with the various socks. I found that quite helpful and was able to make a decision with some confidence that I’d actually found a quality product. When they arrived they felt very nice, looked good, and seemed thick enough to protect my daughter’s feet from the wear and tear of the basketball court. She liked them right off and after using them for a few days said they’re the best athletic socks she’s ever worn.