Why We Use a Bristol Recruitment Agency to Hire Employees

We used to advertise job opening at our company that were not filled by people who already worked for us. It was tedious to go through the resume, interview and vetting stages. Our human resources department was being taxed as we are in a growing phase in our company. We decided to hire a Bristol recruitment agency to find candidates for us. We wanted qualified candidates that met our preferred profile to interview. We had specific educational and job experience requirements for some positions, and we preferred a specific type of temperament for management positions. We saved a lot of time by hiring the recruitment agency to present us only with candidates for jobs that met the profile we were looking for.

We are an equal-opportunity employer that has no issues with what a person looks like or their personal backgrounds. Well, other than not hiring those with criminal histories as we have government contracts that require security clearances. However, we do want people who can think fast on their feet and come up with workable solutions for difficult issues. We used to spend hundreds of man hours interviewing people only to be able to get a couple of employees that really were a fit for our company. Now the Bristol recruitment agency weeds through the potential candidates to find us the people who are the best fit to go through the actual interview process.

When you have open and public opportunities for anyone to apply for jobs, you will be inundated with resumes and applications. It takes a lot of time to go through each one in order to not pass over a potential perfect hire. To reduce our resource expenditure, we use the recruitment agency to recruit for us the best candidates for the job openings. Then we pick the best from the best.

Getting a Second Job is Helping Me to Get Caught Up

It used to tire me out to deal with so many bills that I couldn’t afford to keep up with. Becoming a part time cleaner in Singapore in order to make extra money helped me to gain some control back. It’s not like I spend a lot. I lead a life that is pretty simple in nature, but even trying to live simply was too much for me to keep up with just one job. My plan is to stick with two jobs for as long as I can because being in control feels a lot nicer than repeatedly worrying about whether I will have trouble paying for my health insurance or my electric bill every month.

Over time, I cut out a lot of unnecessary expenses so that I could try to save money. Continue reading “Getting a Second Job is Helping Me to Get Caught Up”