I Found a Really Pretty Place for Mom and Me

Coming from a tiny, almost unknown town in my state, I was worried about what it would be like to live in a bigger city. Obviously, my town is not unknown. It is definitely on the map, but even when I mention the name to people who live elsewhere in my state, most of them have never heard of it. That's because it's in a very rural area. But I needed to move someplace bigger. So, I saved my money and decided that a life living in one of the Asheville NC apartments that I would find would be a smart move. I needed to be close to where all the action is.

My mom is 85 years old, and I take care of her part-time. She does not need full time help, so that means that I have the ability to go out and work. But there were no jobs nearby in my town. So, that is one important reason that I need to live in Asheville. Not only that, but my mom does need a lot of medical care, and we do not even have a hospital in the rural place we are living. We don't have any sort of ambulance service either, and that is not good for people who need help in the middle of the night. It is a 1 hour drive to the nearest large city.

Mom stayed behind on the day that I went out apartment hunting. She said that she trusted my judgment and would be happy with whatever I picked out. I found a place that has a wonderful balcony with a mountain view. The place has two bedrooms. There is a swimming pool outside, and it is heated. Mom can even bring her cherished dog of 11 years to this new place. She will really enjoy what I picked out.

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