Emergency Solutions for Businesses That Have AC Systems Fail in the Summer

One thing that is nice in the middle of summer is going into your local convenience store and getting a cold drink and feeling that pleasant blast of cold air when you go inside. We have always kept it really cool inside on the hot days to invite customers to come in. They automatically associate relief from the heat when they stop here on the hottest days. In the middle of a heat wave in June, of all months, we had to have a commercial company that does HVAC in NYC come out to get the AC system up and running again.

Our AC system is up on the roof of our building. We almost had to shut down until the AC was repaired. The refrigerators and ice machines were still working, but it was really hot inside the building. We called a company to rent a large portable AC system that was brought in on a truck. They opened a non-public access door and ran a flexible pipe from a trailer-mounted air conditioner. Continue reading “Emergency Solutions for Businesses That Have AC Systems Fail in the Summer”

Hiring Great Acts for Home and Corporate Parties and Events

You do not have to be a celebrity to be able to afford professional themed event entertainment for parties and events. You can get great acts for your children’s birthday parties and more. There are entertainment acts suited for birthdays, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs and more. I’m not talking about lame acts such as your old uncle pretending to be an illusionist. I am talking about real professional acts who will come out to corporate events and home parties to put on an unforgettable show for you.

I used to struggle in planning birthday parties, graduation parties and other get-togethers for a lot of people. I called a professional entertainment hire company for my work for a party for a CEO once. I discovered that they have acts for all occasions. Really popular acts too. I was thinking how cool it would be to hire an A-list actor to show up at our boss’s party. Then I thought how the actor would not really do anything other than be there. Wow! That would be boring. Continue reading “Hiring Great Acts for Home and Corporate Parties and Events”

A Small Taste of Being the Parent of an Equestrian

As the mother of a horse-loving young girl, I am constantly on the look-out for equestrian competition clothing that suits my daughter’s unique personality and taste. My daughter has been in the sport for many years and while the investment has been great, her enjoyment of the sport as well as everything she has learned in the process of caring for her horse, has been invaluable.

While we look for unique pieces in fun colors, there are staples needed for every competition she enters and I learned quickly that quality matters for longevity. We are able to mix up several of those staple pieces such as her competition jackets, waistcoats, show shirts, jodhpurs and gloves to give her a unique look for each event. Meeting and becoming friends with others in the sport has helped as well as we tend to gift clothing that our children outgrow to one another.

My daughter has several other interests, excels in school and enjoys art endeavors as well, but nothing has captured her interest or occupies more of her time than practicing for events with her horse. She works very hard to maintain the grades we require for her to continue her participation and keep up with her household responsibilities as a member of our family. Thankfully, my husband and I are able to afford stable fees, feed and a trailer for transport, but our daughter also works at the stable after school to help lessen the cost as do many of her equestrian friends. The stable owner has been very kind in allowing the kids to feed and groom the horses and clean stalls, jobs he certainly could accomplish far more quickly and efficiently, but he understands the responsibility it instills and it helps the girls learn at least some of the costs involved in keeping their horses and participating in equestrian events.

I Found a Really Pretty Place for Mom and Me

Coming from a tiny, almost unknown town in my state, I was worried about what it would be like to live in a bigger city. Obviously, my town is not unknown. It is definitely on the map, but even when I mention the name to people who live elsewhere in my state, most of them have never heard of it. That’s because it’s in a very rural area. But I needed to move someplace bigger. So, I saved my money and decided that a life living in one of the Asheville NC apartments that I would find would be a smart move. I needed to be close to where all the action is.

My mom is 85 years old, and I take care of her part-time. She does not need full time help, so that means that I have the ability to go out and work. But there were no jobs nearby in my town. So, that is one important reason that I need to live in Asheville. Continue reading “I Found a Really Pretty Place for Mom and Me”

A Fire Pit for Our Yard

My husband has wanted a fire pit for the longest time. We have looked at some at the local stores, but he just could not find one that he liked well enough. He told me the biggest problem was that he did not know enough about them. That made sense to me since we had never owned a pit before, nor did we have any experience with one at a family member’s or friend’s house. I decided to go online to see if I could find a website that would help him make up his mind on exactly what he wanted.

I was able to find a site that could have been customized just for him. He already knew why he wanted one, and this site explained the different aspects of fire pits, which made him understand finally which one he wanted to have. He knew that he wanted it to be in the yard. Continue reading “A Fire Pit for Our Yard”

I Can Take Part in the Fun Now, Too

Having never been in a state where hunting is a common part of life, I really never thought much about weapons. But I ended up meeting my boyfriend, who lives in a state where it is common, and he is an avid hunter. He is the one who got me comfortable being around guns and knowing exactly how to use all the right gun accessories as well. I have found that I really enjoy the sporting aspect of target shooting. It is a lot of fun!

When I was just a young girl, I remember that most of the other kids in the neighborhood had BB guns. These were actually hand-held, and they would use them for target practice most often. Continue reading “I Can Take Part in the Fun Now, Too”

E-Sports Needs More Personality to Succeed

Some of the earliest e-sports in the United States became popular and were founded because of Madden NFL games. Without Madden we might have never been able to establish e-sports on the level that we have finally be able to achieve and it’s thanks to Madden 16 connected franchise that gamers are finally able to achieve the notoriety and sponsorships that they deserve. I remember my parents thinking that I was out of my mind for wanting to become a professional gamer; something back then that was most likely unachievable. Continue reading “E-Sports Needs More Personality to Succeed”

Thinking About the Practicality of a Web Site

I have been thinking about how practical it would be for me to start up my own web page to earn money on the side. Obviously the theory works like this. You start up a web page, people buy stuff and you make a whole lot of money without doing too much to earn. In fact there are going to be a lot of other things in the way, you are not going to get to that point so easily. I was trying to figure out if this guy Alex Shelton is going to be much of a help to me. He has something called MOBE or my online business education and this is the sort of thing that he claims that he can teach you. Continue reading “Thinking About the Practicality of a Web Site”